Surfin’ Safari: The Best Places to Hang While Hanging 10

November 16, 2007

Australian¬†sunsetChances are your perfect trip involves you learning to be someone else. Maybe after growing up surrounded by mini-malls and big box stores you dream of shopping small bakeries and markets in European, cobblestoned streets. Or maybe you’re a city dweller who wants to stretch your legs in the vast African Sahara. Or just maybe you’ve been landlocked your whole life and want to try being a beach bum.

No matter what your dream alt-personality, there’s a destination, budget and activity for you. But if you’re dreading winter, now is a great time to try that beach thing out.

The Southern Hemisphere is warming up nicely about now, and they’re happy to welcome you and teach you their tropical ways. Laying on the beach with a book isn’t bad, but if you really want to spead your wings and jump into a travel adventure, sign up with a surf school. There are several good companies willing to get you on a board in Australia or New Zealand. Some offer full packages for several days of food, lodging, and surf instruction, and others will sign you up one class at a time, if you want to squeeze it in between other activities.

You may not take to a longboard instantly, but you’ll have the time of your life trying, and probably a few bruises to show off as proof of your new skills.

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