Travel to Be Thankful For

November 23, 2007

If you’re searching for a travel adventure that will give you more than a suntan, consider teaching English abroad. It requires less of a committment than, say, the Peace Corps, it’s a great way to spend your first year out of college (and adds something special to your resume), and depending on the program and location you choose, you should be able to work in some short side trips during your time in another country. You could also bookend the trip with longer travels, or make your teaching trip the first part of a longer journey, working to earn money as you go.

Most countries won’t let you just show up and start teaching, but if you go through a reputable company in the States, you can get your visa and any necessary credentials taken care of, and some will help you arrange a place to live before you go. 

Whether you plan to apply your teaching experience to a classroom job back home, or if your life goes in an entirely different direction, living as a member of a community and interacting with locals every day, having a great impact on their lives, the experience will likely mean more to you than a week on the beach in Cancun ever could (although that would be a great way to relax on your way home).

Check in with i-to-i TEFL, Volunteer Abroad, or, for Canadians, SWAP.ca for more details. 

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