Spend New Year’s Strutting in Miami

November 29, 2007

King Mango StrutPlanning a trip around a wacky or exciting event can be a lot of fun. For example, if you’re interested in seeing Boston you can go at any time and have fun. But go for the Boston Marathon, or the 4th of July concert at the Hatchshell, or any Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Fenway, and you’ll see a whole other side to the city.

So if Miami is someplace you’ve thought about checking out, do it for New Year’s. The weather is bound to be better there than in Times Square, and you’ll be able to enjoy the King Mango Strut.

“A who in the what now?” you ask. I’ll let the organizers tell you:

What started as a rejected group from the King Orange Bowl Parade has grown into the wackiest event in south Florida (not counting the elections). The King Mango Strutis the most fun event Miami has to offer, full of irreverent, creative and wacky people and lots of opportunity to make fun of everything and anything. There is no better place for the strut than in Miami, Floriduh.

This year’s Grand Marshalls are Mimi Davila and Laura Di Lorenzo, the Aventura girls who you may have seen on YouTube with their “Fergalicious” parody, “Chongalicious“. You can hardly turn down the chance to see them, can you?

Get your student airfare, your feather boa, and your sunscreen, and have a New Year’s adventure!

One comment

  1. Miami Beach is one of the TOP spots for nightlife and especially for New Year’s Eve on the Ocean beach!!! I’m going to be checking out New Year’s Eve event over at Nikki Beach in South Beach again this year!

    They have the Official Ball drop of Miami Beach, most incredible firework display, incredible food and champagne too! Last year we had a fantastic dinner outside in the gardens while watching some fantastic performers and then the music was just absolutely fantastic! They have DJ Armand Pena and DJ JP there this year!!!

    Go check them out online and get your tickets at the same time here – http://www.eventbrite.com/event/207081386/mymike/277442598 or see their website at http://www.NikkiBeach.com

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