Where to Go from Melbourne?

December 14, 2007

Once you’ve seen all that “Mel-bin” (never say “Mel-bourne”) and St. Kilda have to offer, where will you go next? Adelaide is a nice drive to the west, Canberra a decent road trip to the east, and there are at least a dozen tour companies willing to take you either direction. Here are some of your better choices:

Twelve Apostles Great Ocean RoadOz Experience: Don’t just get from point A to point B; stop and see the dozens of sights in between. The Oz Bus has several passes and routes to choose from at very reasonable prices, and they can take you around New Zealand too.

Wayward Bus: Same idea as the Oz bus, but with different paths and stopovers. You may want to compare routes and prices to see which one is going to be right for you.

Countrylink: If you’re short on time, and want to be able to eat at a snack bar, the train may be a better travel option. Countrylink operates in New South Wales, with extentions into Melbourne and Brisbane. Single tickets can get pricey, but they’re 40% off if you have an International Student Identity Card (ISIC); perfect if you need a one-way to Canberra, or just want to do a weekend in Byron Bay.

For longer trips, look into their Backtracker Rail Passes. You can get a three-month pass, good for unlimited travel anywhere on the network, for AUD$298. Six-month, one-month, and 14-day passes are also available. Another option is the East Coast Discovery Pass, which covers travel in NSW and connecting service along the coast of Queensland, as far north as Cairns. Prices range from AUD$130 to $493.90, depending on how far you plan to travel. It’s good for unlimited stopovers, but only going in one direction.


  1. The southern end of the Great Ocean Road is accessible easily from Melbourne and if you want to save a little time, take that part of the trip only, to see the 12 (or less!) Apostles.

    Then make your way to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island etc. by the quicker and more direct cross-country route.

  2. I visited this for the first time.And it gives us a little help to know which part of the area nearer to the melbourne should we visit.The new person one who never move around this part will get the hint to travel.

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