Feel Like a Celebrity in a Famous Hostel

January 3, 2008

Pink Palace CorfuThey may not have names as well-known as the Ritz-Carlton, the Park Plaza, or even the YMCA, but among backpackers there are certain hostels that are famous for their desireable locations, their range of activities, and, well, because they’re great places to party. If you want to meet lots of people from all over the world and have a few drinks and a dance with them, make sure your wanderlust gets you to at least one of these places:

The Pink Palace in Corfu, Greece: This place is legend among travelers. It’s on a gorgeous island overlooking a stunning beach and offers activities like kayaking, four-wheeling, cliff diving, volleyball, and booze cruising. If you have to wear a toga at least one night in Greece, this is the party to wear it to.

Villa Saint Exupery in Nice, France: It’s a hostel on the freaking Riviera! For €16.00 you can stay among socialites and snobs, and have a better time than any of them. Even Lonely Planet named it an Author’s Choice 2005: This exceptional former Carmelite monastery has the friendliest and most professional staff on the Riviera.

Belushi’s bar LondonSt. Christopher’s Village in London, England: One of seven London hostels run  by this chain, their site says it all: St. Christopher’s Village is the party hostel for London’s young, fun and hip. Belushi’s bar is where it all happens – live DJ’s, karaoke, big screen TV’s, cheap drinks, great eats, international parties and a 4am license – what more could any traveller ask for. Throw into the mix a roof-top hot tub, and a bean bag adorned chill-out room you can’t help but have a good time.

Find more must-stay hostels at Europe’s Famous Hostels.

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  1. Great post! I heard great things about the hostel in Greece. I can’t wait to go to Europe…your post was a great help in the decision to stay in a hostel or a hotel. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the US for a little while yet. Regardless, I’m usually quite picky on my hotels–I much prefer the type that fit my personality (which is why the thought of a hostel has always scared me). You should check out this site: http://www.roomforyourimagination.com. It’s has some really funny videos, and I think it showcases the whole point of hotels–to fit your personality and your style. My favorite video is from room 223 called Labels. It’s so hilarious! Gymnasts is good too! You need to go check it out! These videos are awesome…I work with them so I have the inside scoop! Are there any good hostels in the US that are European style and convey the videos here? Definitely more my style.

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