Travel for Good: Volunteer Abroad

February 5, 2008

Your generation isn’t nearly as shallow, apathetic, or clueless as the media makes you out to be. (Right?) Sure you want to have fun and spend some of your holiday sleeping in, dancing on pub tables, and extreme sporting, but you want a little more to show for your time away from home than a sunburn and a few blurry photos taken with your friend’s camera phone.

If you’re looking for an experience that will let you combine good times and good deeds, consider spending time as a volunteer in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, or Tanzania.


With the Volunteer Abroad program, you can work with kids in a local school, support conservation efforts, help rebuild homes and schools in regions that have been hit by floods or earthquakes, assist in a medical clinic, or pick out one of the many other worthwhile projects available.

Volunteer Abroad is owned by the Canadian Federation of Students (a not-for-profit student organization founded in 1981 that currently unites more than 450, 000 colleges and students across Canada). As part of this student movement, Volunteer Abroad connects motivated people with not-for-profit organizations, communities and government agencies in need of assistance around the world.”

So get yourself connected. Projects last between 4 and 24 weeks, making it simple to combine a shorter project with a backpacking trip you’re planning, or make the volunteer experience the main part of your itinerary. Volunteer Abroad will help you plan your travel arrangements, including any day trips, weekend activities, or other destinations you want to add to your adventure.

Visit www.volunteerabroad.ca for more information.


  1. If what you’re looking for your Gap Year is more than just travelling, why not choosing volunteering with Projects Abroad. We offer hundreds of placements to choose from, you could teach english to Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka, work in our Human Rights Project in Ghana, save turtles in Mexico or Costa Rica, live with a nomadic family in Mongolia or work in a hospital in Nepal.

    We run projects in 24 different destinations around the world, where you will have 24/7 support from our local staff. We don’t have fixed dates for our programmes overseas, you can join at any time to any of our projects or destinations and for as long as you’d like.

    If you would like to talk with an ex volunteer just let us know and we’ll put you in contact with someone from our Projects Abroad Alumni community. They will have the answer for all your questions.

    All the information about of placements and destinations is in our website, also you can see photogalleries and videos of our volunteers!


  2. Dear Sir / Madam,
    The R.V.O is a registered youth organization in Ghana
    which offer variety of volunteer projects / placement
    to international students and volunteers in Ghana.
    We are please requesting for partnership with your
    agency , where in this partnership your organisation
    may send volunteers to Ghana via R.V.O . and we would
    offer them placement.
    Please find below and attached more info about us and
    our projects.
    You can also visit our website at _www.robborg.org
    R.V.O is registered in Kumasi , Ghana in 2000 with the
    following agencies in Ghana .
    Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), social Welfare
    Ghana, Registrar Generals Dept., National Youth
    council of Ghana.

    R.V.O is one of the fasters growing volunteer
    organization and it is dedicated to service projects
    across Ghana .

    . R.V.O offers all types of placements in all the ten> regions of Ghana :
    Volunteer in Ghana
    Internship in Ghana
    Teaching in Ghana
    Language and cultural studies

    Between 1 and 2 volunteers participated in R.V.O
    volunteer programmes every month and that is a good
    omen of how unique our programmes are and how reliable
    we are to volunteers.

    We offer group and individual placement, cultural
    exchange programmes etc to meet the needs of our
    R.V.O is dedicated to provide our participants with a
    lot of opportunities.


    R.V.O organises unique and affordable
    programs in all the ten regions of Ghana .
    Our dedicated to service projects focuses on rural
    community development, volunteering, educational
    programmes /trips, Language and cultural studies.
    Internships etc.
    We offer students / volunteers a unique programmes for
    their memorable experiences.
    Below are highlights of few programmes offered by the
    R.V.O offer volunteers the opportunity to
    live and work with vulnerable / orphan children in
    Ghana .
    – R.V.O also offer volunteers
    the opportunity
    to work with hundreds of local organizations actively
    involved with HIV AIDS education.
    – Other programmes offered by the R.V.O are:
    Teaching in Ghana , Health project for medical
    personal and pre-medical students, Soccer coaching in
    Ghana , Language and cultural immersion, Drumming and
    dancing lessons, educational trips, work camps in
    rural communities etc.
    – R.V.O designs an internship placement for
    students on the fields below:

    Radio, TV and news paper Journalism
    Nurses and
    Women and Youth empowerment
    Politics in Ghana
    HIV AIDS education
    Drumming and Dancing (African studies)
    Soccer coaching
    Language and Cultural Studies
    Forest Conservation
    R.V.O ACHEIVEMENTS ( 2000-2005)
    Since the inception of the R.V.O barely 6 years ago,
    we have successfully organise / offer volunteer
    abroad, intern abroad, language and cultural immersion
    programmes for students / volunteers across the globe.
    – In the first year of operation (2000), R.V.O
    place only 15 volunteers. In 2001 and 2004, nearly 300
    volunteers mostly students participated in our
    volunteer and intern in Ghana programmes in
    Ghana ,
    making R.V.O the successful and reliable volunteer
    organization in Ghana .

    We are looking for a partnership with your
    organisation whereby volunteers can be send to our
    programs in Ghana whiles we also send some of our
    dedicated volunteers to your programs abroad.
    I would be very glad to hear from you

    Benard Kesse
    Program Manager
    Box ry 655 railways-Kumasi-Ghana

  3. If you still don’t have anything planed for summer break and are interested in volunteering in Costa Rica, Tropical Adventures is a non-profit organization which has programs all over the country. We have many projects available including teaching English, saving sea turtles, helping out indigenous communities and working in an animal refuge centre. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.tropicaladventures.com or send us an email at info@tropicaladventures.com.

  4. Hello, How do I qualify to take part in this program? Besides what are the requirements …? I think I can help in teaching of English and one indigeneous Ghanaian language but what are the benefits?

  5. I write to introduce Kra pa Travel and Tours to your reputable institution. Kra Pa Travel and Tours is a registered agency with the Ghana Tourist Board and a member of the Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA).

    We offer consultancy to individuals, organizations and institutions
    We also deal with sales of air tickets, organizing of international and domestic tours, reservations, student exchange program mes, volunteer programmer etc.
    we will like to partner with you to receive and send volunteers to various part of the world

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