Ride the European Rails for Less

February 8, 2008

Eurostar“You don’t have to be a student to travel with Rail Europe Youth Eurostar Flexi Voucher Passes. If you’re under 26 years of age you can travel for cheap on the London, Parisian and Brussels railroads.”

So says Travel CUTS, and Travel CUTS doesn’t lie, not even to their mothers about who really ate the cookies in the cookie jar.

There are a few must-have experiences when you backpack Europe. One is staying in a famous hostel, like the Pink Palace. Another is having a whirlwind romance with someone who only speaks a few words of English. The third is riding the rails with some version of a Eurail Pass.

There are 22 European countries connected by train, so if the London-Paris-Brussles route isn’t for you, you can pick a different pass and plan your own route and itinerary. There’s even a Disney Train that will take you from London directly to the theme park in France.

Start planning your summer travel now so that you’re ready to go as soon as school’s out!

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  1. […] to my muse travel blog, Travel Cuts, there are three things you must do when backpacking through Europe: (1) stay at a famous hostel like the Pink Palace or St. […]

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