Travel Fun at… the Kuwait Airport?

February 14, 2008

Kuwait StarbucksMy friend, Jane Stillwater, has just about done and seen it all in her 60-some years. She’s traveled all over the world, spent time volunteering with an AIDS organization in Africa, and made two trips to Iraq in the past year to visit the troops and see what’s going on. She’s also been active in politics and civil rights her whole life, even marching with Martin Luther King in 1964.

Jane never seems to get tired of exploring new places or trying something new, and right now she’s trying to get into Iraq for a third time to see the areas she wasn’t allowed to visit on her first two trips. One of her most recent blog posts ended with: 

PS: Today is the day that I’m supposed to fly off to Kuwait to (hopefully) embed in Iraq. Rep. Barbara Lee is actively trying to help get my embed reinstated and a very helpful public affairs officer at the Pentagon is also looking into my case. But in the meantime, I’m a nervous wreck… You would be too. If I don’t get embedded as promised, then it’s gonna be “Kuwait City on Five Dollars a Day” for three weeks for me. Is it legal to beg on the streets in Kuwait?

PPS: I’m at the Kuwait airport Starbucks right now and they STILL won’t let me embed. And United has lost my luggage! Help Help Help!

Will Jane be stranded at the airport for the next two weeks? I hope not. But I do hope that someday I have the courage and spirit of adventure to jump on a plane, not knowing exactly where I’ll wind up. She may claim to be nervous about her journey, but Jane’s got some hard-core travel moxie that I think a lot of us wouldn’t mind sharing. Keep your fingers crossed for her.


  1. I have an extra bed, if Jane needs a bed in Kuwait while trying to get into Iraq. You can’t do Kuwait on $5 a day if you spend too much time in StarBucks. This is a sincere offer from a travelling Canadian who is currently working in an American school in Kuwait. Email me if you are interested in a quiet place to stay with access to a phone.

  2. Hi Shirley,

    Jane is back home in California now, but thanks very much for the offer! It’s great to see travelers looking out for each other.


  3. […] that my friend, Jane, was stuck in Kuwait with nowhere to go and very little money, and in came a reply offering a place to stay. Unfortunately, Jane had already packed up and come back to California, but it just goes to show […]

  4. Thank GOD! Jane is back home, its wonderful world of travellers who care each others, my bunch of thanks to them too.

  5. Great posting, enjoyable to read. well done!

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