Need a Place to Stay? Just Ask.

February 25, 2008

Who would have thought it was possible? On a whim last week I posted that my friend, Jane, was stuck in Kuwait with nowhere to go and very little money, and in came a reply offering a place to stay. Unfortunately, Jane had already packed up and come back to California, but it just goes to show that when in need, fellow travelers are often ready to help you out.

I’m not advocating this as the safest way to travel, and if you like to have firm plans before you go, you’re better off making reservations at a hostel, but in a pinch, there’s a good chance that a complete stranger will be willing to lend a hand, just because they’ve been in the same situation once before and understand the trials and tribulations of the backpacker.

If anyone else is thinking about getting stranded in Kuwait, you may want to contact Shirley ahead of time, just to make sure she’s still there 🙂

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