Dine 150 Feet Above Ground

March 11, 2008

If revolving restaurants don’t quite nourish your appetite for adventure, there’s a new alternative in dining out. Or rather, dining up.

Dinner in the SkyDinner in the Sky takes a typical dinner table, straps you in, then lifts the entire thing 150 feet into the air with a crane. There are no walls or floor, you aren’t enclosed in any way, you’re just hanging out, munching your appetizers mid-air. Just the idea of it makes my head go a little woozy, but if you crave something unique with a moderate possibility for danger, this might just be your perfect meal.

The downside to this attraction is that it’s ridiculously expensive, and operates mostly in Europe right now. However, we can all have our travel and adventure dreams, and if you manage to land yourself some wealthy traveling companions, or maybe a job at a company that likes to splash out once in a while, your dream could become a reality. Until then, you can always grab a hot dog and climb a tree.

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