A Day of Crocs, Roos, and Spa Treatments?

March 20, 2008

Australia ZooTerri Irwin just announced that she would like to expand Australia Zoo to turn it into a sort of Australian Disneyland, a place where families can go and enjoy several attractions and activities with on-site accommodation.

Having visited Australia Zoo, I’m not sure whether I like this idea or not. Like many places that become too big and too popular, I wonder if pushing the zoo to get bigger and flashier will really improve it, or just make it less charming and more expensive.

I remember when I did my Oz Experience trip, the bus drove us down this small, windy road. There were homes here and there, not even enough to really be considered suburbs so much as it was rural, and then, out of nowhere, there was the zoo. There were no banners along the street, no old timey street lights or massive souvenir shops or anything to make you think you’d left regular Australia for the theme park version Australia. It was quaint and subdued and the focus was more on the animals and the nature surrounding the zoo than on the celebrity that owned it. I liked the feeling it gave me that I was hanging out in Steve Irwin’s backyard.

Part of my hesitation about this plan comes from the fact that I can’t help but wonder whether this is what Steve would have wanted. If this was his plan all along, then I won’t feel so bad knowing I can get a mud bath and a latte after a day of croc-feeding shows. If not, well then it feels a little creepy. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what the final plan looks like, and whether the locals will let them get away with it.

Learn more about Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo.


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  2. […] Outback, eat Vegemite and Tim Tams (although not together, ugh) and see Australia Zoo before it gets all Disneyfied. Australia is also one of the few places where the American dollar is still worth a little more […]

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