The Eiffel Tower: See it While You Can

March 26, 2008

New Eiffel TowerOh, those artsy smarty French. They’re always looking for ways to make things better, prettier, more refined or just more French. They did well with the whole Impressionism thing. The baguette is about as good as bread can get. Their fashion isn’t bad either. But now they’re messing with history, architecture and tourism, all at once.

They are “reshaping” the Eiffel Tower.

What can possibly be done to change a structure so big, so sturdy, and so well known? Well, you can put a little hat on it. Or maybe it’s a collar, the kind of big fluffy thing that kings named Louis once wore. You can accessorize it with a bit of frill and fringe and then hang some sparkly lights on it. Won’t that be nice? Maybe, maybe not.

The story that came out yesterday doesn’t indicate when construction begins, only that it will be complete in time for the structure’s 120th birthday next year. That means if you want to get a photo of you next to Eiffel Tower Classic, and not New Coke… er, The Eiffel Tower, Take Two, you’d better hurry. Or you’d better know someone who’s a whiz in Photoshop.

Mostly, I worry about all the street vendors and souvenir shops that will have to either make room for new keychains, postcards, spoon drips, collector-edition thimbles, pot holders, and tshirts, or get rid of the old ones. Who’s to say what the tourists will want? Could this redesign launch a new industry or photographers on the street offering photos next to a backdrop of the old-style Tower for tourists who want pictures with both? If you’re looking for a way to pay for your trip, you can use that idea for free.

Contiki can take you to Paris and show you all the sites, or you can get a student flight and a hostel membership and go it alone. Either way, your friends at Travel CUTS can help you find the best deals. Bon voyage!


  1. Went to Paris with Contiki one year. Froze my tail off and visited the Eiffel Tower no less…beautiful thing. Liked the base better than the top.

  2. Hello! Love this blog. I write for a student travel blog myself (www.travel4fifty.com)Currently we are focusing on the Southeast United States but we are looking to expand globally. Feel free to check us out and give us any advice!

  3. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog.


  4. please show me better fotos of the eiffel tower

  5. Hi Elsa,

    Looks like there’s no need to panic after all. The plans that were widely reported as being approved and ready for construction, were actually just a suggestion, and there will be no changes made to our favorite antenna:



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