“Go Big” to Australia and You’ll Never Want to Go Home

April 3, 2008

Just because you’ve eaten at the Outback Steakhouse, doesn’t mean you’ve experienced Australian culture. But now you can eat steak off a proper barbie, and you might not have to pay for it.

Travel CUTS and Qantas is running a contest to send you to Australia, and to let you Go Big, because there’s no other way to do the coutry-that’s-also-a-continent. It’s massive! In just one trip you can dive the Reef, hike the Blue Mountains, have a bushtrekking adventure in the Outback, eat Vegemite and Tim Tams (although not together, ugh) and see Australia Zoo before it gets all Disneyfied. Australia is also one of the few places where the American dollar is still worth a little more than the local currency (at least for now), so your sightseeing money will go a little bit further.

Sydney Opera HouseThe contest ends 10:00 AM (ET) on May 19, 2008 and is open to residents of Canada and America, so call your friends across the border and get them to enter too. 

Read full contest details and then start practicing your “G’Day!”

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