Fun Summer Tours Near You: Ice Cream Factories

May 16, 2008

Chunky MonkeyRight now I’m indoors, at my desk, and it’s 86 degrees. At my desk. Inside. More than anything, I would like to climb inside a refrigerator. The next best thing would be an ice cream factory/wonderland. Here are a few you could check out.

  • Ben & Jerry’s in Waterbury, Vermont: This is one of the happiest places on earth, even with the flavor graveyard that reminds me just how much I miss that old timey Rainforest Crunch. The factory is in a beautiful location, very un-industrial, there are fun things to see and do and eat, and as long as you’re in the area you can visit all the cheese and maple syrup farms and shops and boutiques. It’s a foodie’s paradise.
  • Blue Bell Ice Cream in Brenham, Texas; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; and Sylacauga, Alabama: It’s “The Little Creamery” that could. Tour the factory and then sit back and enjoy a fresh scoop or four.
  • Mayfield Dairy Farms in Athens, Tennessee and Braseltonm Georgia: This place has been around since 1912 and they produce milk as well, so you can get the whole history of ice cream along with the fancy new flavors. 
  • Oberweis Dairy in North Aurora, Illinois: The address for Oberweis Dairy is Ice Cream Drive. Do you need another reason to go?

Any of these places would make a good day trip, or why not find a nearby hostel and make a weekend or full-on road trip out of it? Make your own adventure on whatever budget you can afford and you can make great travel memories without spending a fortune or traveling thousands of miles.

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