Your Hometown = My Holiday Destination

May 28, 2008

You probably spend a lot of time thinking about getting away. Wherever you are, you want away from there. If you have snow you want sand, if you have sand you want mountains, and if you have mountains you want cityscapes.

I was cruising around online looking for some destination inspiration of my own. I decided to see where Londoners were reading about and went to the travel section of a UK newspaper. Where were they recommending readers go on holiday? San Francisco. About 20 minutes from my front door. Hmmm. Where else? The small town of Deal, not far from the white cliffs of Dover, home to my friend, Luke, and someplace that I once spent a week’s vacation, mostly listening to Luke talk about how dull Deal was and how he wanted to get away.

Well Luke’s living in Tokyo now, but apparently somebody thinks his hometown is worth a visit. And after reading the article on the beaches outside of San Francisco, I thought that sounded like a pretty good trip as well.

Sometimes you don’t need a new destination, just a new perspective.


  1. I saw that article too, if it was the same one. It was in The Guardian and was describing Stinson Beach and Marin County. My wife and I used to take our dog to Stinson on very hot days, which, of course only occurred about once or twice a year when we lived in the East Bay! It was always totally worth the hour-long drive around endless hairpin bends, and we miss it now we live in Manhattan.

  2. I used to go to Stinson beach, definately worth the long drive!

  3. thanks for your story..please visit this site too for more info on holiday travel..


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