Two Reasons to Visit Missouri’s Botanical Gardens

June 9, 2008

Nana on DolphinFirst of all, the Missouri Botanical Gardens has a super cool URL. Far cooler than you would expect anyone associated with a botanic garden to come up with: www.mobot.org. Just imagine, your friends ask you where you’re going for the weekend and you say, “You know, just headed to Mo Bot for an afternoon.”

Next, there’s some very cool stuff to see there. From now until October 31, “The Missouri Botanical Garden welcomes the passionate pop art of Niki, an exhibition of 40 playful, larger-than-life mosaic sculptures in a rainbow of colors and materials.” These are the kinds of things you would expect to see at the Centre Pompidou, not in the middle of Missouri, but there they are.

Every state has it’s parks, gardens, lakes, and recreational areas. Get maps from your local AAA or do some prowling around online to see what’s near you. A quick weekend break can help get you in the mood for a longer trip, and it can also be a great way to test out a new travel buddy before you commit to a bigger, more expensive adventure.

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