Travel for Change With Student Non-Profits

July 14, 2008

Volunteer Abroad

There’s an article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle about student groups in the S.F. Bay Area who have lanuched very successful fundraising programs to help those in need.

Some projects focus on providing assistance to their own communities, but some take a more global approach. Students at Bay Area junior highs and high schools have traveled to Thailand, Nepal, Kenya and other countries to see how their money is being put to work for good.

They’ve built schools, dug wells, purchased livestock, and donated bicycles to needy families. Maybe even more importantly, they’ve become their own goodwill ambassadors, sharing a spirit of hope and unity with strangers all over the world.

The article talks a lot about how this generation – your generation – feels more empowered to reach out and make a difference. The world gets smaller and smaller as technology and travel make it easier to learn about places that used to be a mystery to all but a few academics and explorers.

So what can you accomplish? Check out the One Dollar for Life organization. Learn more about the projects they’ve taken on and how much they’ve accomplished. Join in by holding your own fundraiser, or start a project of your own.

If you want to help, but prefer a more structured voluntourism project, visit Volunteer Abroad to find a destination and project that suits your interests.

No matter where you go or what you do, the rewards you’ll get from a volunteer travel project will stay with you for a lifetime.

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