I’m Going On Tour!

July 30, 2008

Mraz on stage

Kinda, sorta.

My travel philosphy, which I think I’ve shared a few times, is to do what I can with what I have. Or maybe, go where I can with what time I have off and what my budget will allow. Sometimes you get to do your dream vacation abroad, and sometimes that’s just not possible, but it doesn’t mean you have to sit home, full of regret and Doritos.

I was hoping to make a big, multi-national trip across the Atlantic at the end of the year. It was going to be scheduled around holidays and fireworks and parties with friends in foreign places. It was going to be a Bobby Dazzler of a trip, and I was psyched.

But then my travel companion flaked. And then it looked like getting that much time off was going to be difficult. And then the friends who I had planned to visit said they may or may not be around when I was going to be in their area.

Rather than sigh a big ‘Oh, woe is me’, I decided to reconsider my options and see what else I could pull together with little notice. I talked to friends in Florida and Seattle, people I haven’t seen in far too long. And then, in a pretty little twist of fate, my favorite singer announced his fall tour dates.

In about six hours I pulled together four trips to four different states over four different weekends. I’m going to see about a dozen friends, lots of new sites, new restaurants and parks and bars and shops and hopefully some good chocolate places.

Granted, I had the advantage of some disposable income (let’s hear it for being single and childless!), but I’m also going to put a few miles on my car, take advantage of some friendly couches, and cash in on some rides to and from the airport that I’m owed. I’ll also have a nice chunk of frequent flier miles added to my account when all is said and done.

So what do you have that you can use? Family and friends in exciting locations? The loan of a house, car, or cabin? A really good student airfare? Put all the pieces together, and maybe you’ll come up with a few days of your own prime vacation time.

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