Plan Now for Comic-Con 2009!

September 4, 2008

Comic-Con 2009Is Geek Travel a big thing? I mean, there’s student travel, gay travel, voluntourism, eco-tours, travel for singles or couples or vegans. Pretty much every group or interest or hobby has its own trips and tours and destinations, but I don’t know if I’ve ever read about travel for geeks. I’ll look into that.

Whether or not you would call yourself a geek, you might be interested in planning ahead for Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego. This year featured the cast of “Twilight”, Hugh Jackman, Joss Whedon, Stan Lee, Seth Rogen, Battlestar Galactica people, and all kinds of fangirl/boy goodness. The next one isn’t happening until July 23-26, 2009, but four-day passes are on sale now for $75. If you’re under 18, they’re only $35. A total bargain!

Single day tickets will go on sale later, but there’s plenty to see and do in San Diego, so getting the four-day pass would allow you to catch the Comic-Con events you want to see each day and give you time to hit the beach, shop and sightsee in your free time.

Hostelling International’s Downtown San Diego location is just blocks from the San Diego Convention Center, so have a look at their site and book an affordable, safe, clean place to stay. With a Hostelling International membership, you can save even more.

I really hope there’s more Dr. Horrible before then. I’d love to see Neil Patrick Harris show up in his white coat and goggles.

Update 6/2/09: Yes, “New Moon” will be featured at Comic Con, but tickets are now sold out. You can try a scalper or ticket broker, but be very careful.

Summit Entertainment says: “On Thursday, July 23, Summit Entertainment will hold a panel for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON at Comi-Con International in San Diego, California. Come see our stars and exclusive new footage for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON — there may be even be a surprise or two in store!”


  1. Do we know which cast members are appearing from Battlestar Galactica?

  2. i love taylor lautner!! PLEASE tell me some Twilight cast members will be there. Do you think the list will be updated ANYTIME soon to where i could get great, indoor seats??

    • Hi Emily,

      Sorry, but I don’t have any inside sources for ComiCon. I imagine the Twilight sites will have news about cast appearances before anybody else does. Hope you get to see your favorite cute boys!


      • i heard that taylor lautner, rob pattinson and kristen stewart are goin to be there and show footage of New Moon but im not sure

  3. i love twilight!! and i have have a question .. are they going to this years 2009 comic-con in san diego??

  4. hey is the cast of twilight going to be promoting New Moon at this year’s Comic con? (2009) I luv twilight and have to know. Pleezzz tell me they’re gonna b there!!!

    M DOG

  5. BTW,
    GO TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CALL DIBS ON TAYLOR LAUTNER!

    M DOG OUT!

  6. To anyone wondering, Dakota Fanning will be playing in New Moon the sequel. And M DOG- I’m not too happy about her playing a part in the move either but let’s hope she delivers well to the move. And I myself am I huge Taylor Lautner “lover”, so I know that when New Moon comes out (November 20, 2009), that I will be to focused watching Taylor to even notice Dakota.

  7. hello im really excited about twilight!! and i am dying to know if they are going to this years 2009 comic-con in san diego!!

    -karen :] i loveeeeee jasper cullen!!

  8. the twilight cast better b there!!!

  9. I realy hope they come! that would be amazing!

    ” My monkey man!”

    C ya there!

  10. Hey i was wondering if there were any updates on who is gonna be there….i would hate to go and the twilight cast not be there…..plus what would be a comic-con without my monkey man???

  11. Can you let me know when they are going to have
    New Moon at Comic Con this year!!!
    Didn’t get to go last year!!!

  12. I was wondering what day the New Moon cast will be at Comic Con? I wasnt able to go last year and would loveeee to attend this year.
    Thank You

  13. Will anybody please tell me when the tickest are available for New Moon Comic Con 2009!!!!!!!!!

  14. SO as you can tell many are anticipating New Moons arival at COmic COn. It would be nice if someone accually had an answer to this question.

  15. Yeah,
    I know.
    Hopefully someone can answer the question with an answer that everyone is anticipating, When New Moon will be at Comic Con.

  16. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for reading, but as I said before, I don’t have any inside info for Comic-Con. This will be my first time attending and I’m waiting for the schedule to come out just like everyone else.

    I do know from the event’s website that 4-day passes and Saturday passes are sold out, and no tickets will be sold at the door. So if you want to go another day it’s best to get tickets now.

    Will the New Moon cast be there? I don’t know. Considering the chaos it caused last year they may send the director or supporting actors to talk to the fans and tell R. Pats to stay home, or maybe they think putting him in a mob scene is good publicity, not that they need it.

    For the most up-to-date info, check the official site:


  17. hey can someone tell me if twilight is going to came to the comicon this year because i am going to summer and i can not be absent in those days but if i have to be absent due to twilight i can be so i hope that someone can tell me before all the tickets are sold please help this is really an emergency….. 🙂

  18. I don’t think their going to come.their having their own convention but it’s 255 dollars per person and not even Taylor or rob are gonna be there.

  19. Really.
    They are not going to be there.
    Then which twilight actors are going to be there then???

  20. I need to know which twilight characters are going to be there so I can buy my ticket!!! Which twilight characters are going to be there?

  21. New Moon will be there on Thursday, July 23rd. I just got my ticket, but they’re sold out now so I hope you got yours. My advice…camp out early cause it’s gonna be a mob scene. I doubt RPattz will be there this time, but one can only hope.

  22. OMG i LOVE Jacob TEAM JACOB!!! im so excited for Comic-con except i live in Michigan and i doubt my parents will let me go to san diego! OMG i wanna go soooooo bad!!!!!

  23. will ther be any in texas?

  24. Is this a travel site?

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