Get and Give Travel Gift Certificates

September 9, 2008

Gift CertificatesYou’ve moved into the dorm, or your new off-campus apartment, or maybe you’re still at home and commuting to school. Friends and family are asking if there’s anything you need, any way they can help out. You have the essentials covered for now, but Thanksgiving break is coming up fast, and then Winter Break after that.

So you say, “Actually, I could use a little help with my _______.” And fill in the blank with “next flight home”, “holiday travel plans”, “trip to volunteer” or “upcoming Spring semester abroad”.

But Aunt Trixie isn’t able to pony up the $1,000 or so you need. She wants to give you $50 or maybe $100. No problem. Have her give it to you as a travel gift certificate so that you can put it toward the next thing you book (and you won’t be tempted to spend it at karaoke night or on something silly, like textbooks).

Visit TravelCUTS.com to learn more about travel gift certificates or buy one for a friend. After all, it’s just as good to give as to get.

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