2009 People to People Student Travel Ambassadors Wanted

September 15, 2008

School has just started, but now’s the time to start thinking about your Summer 2009 travel plans. People to People has its list of 2009 travel programs available for junior high and high school students who would like to spend two or three weeks as a student ambassador in Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, or all over Europe.

The People to People Student Ambassador Program was founded by President Eisenhower in 1956 and has sent thousands of junior high and high school students abroad in the 50 years since then. The focus of the program isn’t just travel, but cultural exchange, and many of their adventures include homestays with local families, meetings with influential politicians and business people, and visits to significant organizations and landmarks.

Another difference with this program is that you don’t just sign up and pay the price like you do with tour company; you have to apply and go through an interview. Don’t let that stop you though. If you have a passion to travel around the world, you’re probably just who they’re looking for. (I’m pretty sure I bumbled my way through my interview many years ago, but I still got to spend some of the best weeks of my life traveling through Australia one summer and Europe the next.)

The Program has drawn some big names over the years (not just me), so you’ll be in good company. According to their website, “Walt Disney created the “It’s a Small World” attraction in 1964 after his participation in the People to People International White House conference. This attraction has now introduced over 250 million people to the concept that we may have our differences, but underneath we all share the same core values.”

Student Ambassadors can travel to Asia, Australia, Europe, or even to Canada (it’s always good to stay friendly with the neighbors). Teachers are also needed to lead the student groups, so if you know a teacher who might be interested, let him or her know about the program too. The fees include all of your meals and transportation, and if you come up with some creative fundraising ideas (yard sale, bake sale, car wash, Internet start-up), you can at least reduce the amount coming out of your pocket.

You’re never too young to get out there and develop a lifelong travel habit. Good luck, and have fun!


  1. This sounds like it could be such an incredible experience!!! I would have done anything for this type of opportunity in high school… I hope that students jump on this. Best of luck with it! People to People is where it’s at!

    • I am now a People to People Student Ambassador. I am going to get to go to Greece, Italy, and France this summer 2010. I am very excited. Thank You. People to People is a great organization. I am so excited.

      • Hello Dustyn

        How much does this trip cost?

      • heeeyy, so i’d really like to travel to France,Germany,Greece with People By People next summer (summer 2011) But i am not sure where to start…
        Does anyone know how much a trip is??

      • My 15yr old daughter has been invited to participate in the P2P Med. Tour. How was your trip, did you feel safe, did the counselors carefully supervise students, did anyone have a bad experience? Please give feedback. Thanks

  2. i got a letter inviting me to attend one of these trips but i lost it being the typical highschool girl that i am. is there anyway i could get another copy of the letter or where i could get the needed forms?

  3. I’d love to do that, unfortunedly I live in Europe and so I can’t apply.. May I have this opportunity some day in the future =)

  4. it is a good program to have new experiences in life and learn new cultures.

  5. I just got invited to this and it sounds too good to be true?

    what exactly is it? Is it like vacation or a educational tour?

    How much does it cost?

  6. Hi Ryan,

    This program is on the up and up. It’s a non-profit group that was founded in 1956 by President Eisenhower for the purpose of getting young people around the world to meet, exchange ideas and cultures, and better understand each other.

    The focus is educational and cultural – you won’t be getting on a party bus – but because of the program’s excellent reputation and connections you’ll have opportunities that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

    Prices vary depending on the trip you apply for, and I’ll admit they aren’t cheap, but sometimes local Rotary groups will help to sponsor a student, and PtoP encourages you to find other sponsorships or hold fundraisers as well.

    I participated in People to People trips to Europe and Australia after my sophomore and junior years in high school and I loved them both. I would highly encourage you to take part if you can.

    Happy travels!

  7. This is NOT an incredible experience. Ambassadors Group International is a an organization selling peace for profit under the guise of being part of Eisenhower’s legacy which it is NOT. Our son, Tyler, died on PTP trip in June of 2007 and the company still promotes a solid safety record. AGI is a knock off of Ambassadors Int’l which was founded in the late 1960’s. President Eisenhower’s PTP intiative was founded in 1956. AGI bought the right to People to People from Eisenhower’s grandaughter Mary Eisenhower, CEO of PTPI who gets paid on a per student sign up. The kids on Ty’s trip were fed chicken nuggets and french fries and stayed 9 to a room with a common bath for M&F. We are not the only lawsuit. The company has been sued 3 times in the last 9 months for issues regarding child safety. Don’t risk it. DOn’t go. Tell your friends.

    • This is a great program. Wow, 4 lawsuits out of hundreds of thousands of children who have traveled. Don’t listen to these people. I went on a P2P trip to England & France and it was the best experience I have ever had!!!! I would totally 100% go again, and recommend this organization to anyone. I might win a free trip for 2010, if I win the ambassador of the year award.



  8. I used to receive several letters from p2p. however they always wanted to send me to spain or italy or some other european country. when really i want to go to japan. so now i have three questions.

    1) how do the choose what country to send you to and can you change if you dont like/ are uncomfortable with the choices?

    2) is it to late to become involved with the student ambasidors trip to japan for the year 2009?

    and 3) from past research ive read a lot of negative veiws and complaints. if its so great, why are people so upset and disatisfied with their results.

    • you can’t choose your trip until you’ve traveled with P2P at least one time before, then you can choose any destination.

  9. oh also. several friends of mine are going on the trip. im whole honestly worried by what ive heard. however one has gone on several trips with p2p and said it was a great experience and was really well organized. honestly i dont know what to think

    • hey! So don’t be worried — although some of these posts Are scary though… I wouldn’t believe them all. I went to Canada i 2006 as a 6th grader. At the time I just wanted to get away from my family and be all “grown up.” Now though, I want to go again because no family trip I’ve ever taken has compared to that P2P trip (and we’ve been to France, Hawaii…) It was an amazing learning experience – I met new friends, learned about myself, AND have a higher tolerance for people who are different from me. It was a gift to be able to go so don’t be afraid for your friends!

  10. Hi Kade,

    Thanks for writing. As you can see, people have mixed reactions to this program, but I don’t think that’s uncommon in travel – or with many other experiences.

    Personally, I did two P2P trips in high school, first to Australia, then Europe (France, Switzerland & England). I loved them both, and because of my experiences wound up going back to Australia after college to live there for a year and do a master’s degree.

    That doesn’t mean that there weren’t things that we all complained about at the time (curfew? another long, boring welcome speech?) or that all the kids on my trip became best friends, but overall it was an awesome experience, and I met great people from all over the US.

    I think the problem with P2P is that each individual group is organized by the teachers who are acting as chaperones. And just like in school, you have some teachers who are well organized and make everything fun and interesting, and there are other teachers who barely seem to keep it together. I was lucky to have some excellent adult leaders in my groups, but that’s not always the case.

    If you are interested in these programs, you should contact P2P directly with your questions. Ask if you can get into a program that interests you more than the one you were offered. When you meet the adults who will be leading the group, ask them all of your questions, express any concerns you have, and then ask yourself how comfortable you are with their answers.

    I’m very sorry to hear about the unpleasant and, in some cases, tragic experiences others have had with People to People. However, I don’t know that these cases should overshadow the thousands of positive stories to come out of P2P.

    I would hate for anyone to miss out on a travel experience, or give up on travel because they’re too afraid to even apply. Ask to speak with recent alumni from the program and see if what they have to say makes you more confident about the program or not.

    Where and how you go is up to you, so just like you research a college to see if it’s going to be a fit for you, you should research a travel program as well. If P2P isn’t for you, plan ahead for a semester abroad or at sea in college, or see if there are any youth groups in your area that offer summer trips abroad to do volunteer work.

    Good luck!

  11. Hi my name si wynter. I got invited to go to Austria to play soccer can you give me an estimated amount on how much it will be??

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that question. You should contact the program directly and ask about their fees and what other expenses you’ll need to cover (food, optional sightseeing).

      I did a quick Google and see that along with Student Ambassadors, there are now Sports Ambassadors (http://www.peopletopeople.com/OURPROGRAMS/SPORT/Pages/default.aspx). I believe the program you’re talking about is the Youth Friendship Games. If you’re interested in travel and sports, this looks like it could be fun. I don’t see any prices listed, but if there’s an information session near you, you can attend that. If you don’t like what they have to say, you aren’t obligated to do anything else, but if it sounds like something you’re interested in, then go for it.

      Good luck!

  12. I am going to have an experience like this in july and i’m already pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  13. hey
    Wir freuen uns auf die Studenten die im Juni 09 zu uns ins Schulhaus kommen.[Europa]
    Wir werden sicher viel Spass haben!

  14. Hello everybody

    I hope we have a great time with the students at the summer 2009 in Europe in our School.

  15. Thanks! I hope we do too!

  16. dont go dont go dont go dont dont dont

  17. Hello everybody,

    I recently attended a program and it was proably the BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I wnjoyed every minute of it. Everybody there was so nice and I met so many new people that I still keep in touch with today.

    Trust me, if you get invited…GO ON THE TRIP!

    • Hey Tyler,

      Glad to hear you had such a great time. Which program did you do?


  18. I want to acknowledge the good deeds of the Ambassadors…I want to thank you for giving so many students the opportunity to earn a career,it is only God that can reward the works of men,am a student,just finished college,i have the desire to go to school but situations has left me no choice than sitting at home and praying for luck..Thank God that this innovation has been set aside to help the helpless..I want to formally apply for this student to student travel ambassadors and i want you to grant me the priveledge of achieving my dreams….Thanks for your support.Gods reward awaits you all….i await ur humble reply.

  19. i forgot to say that am a nigerian residing innigeria….

  20. hi, I was invited to go to Austria, but my dad said I can’t go because he doesn’t know how much it cost to go. If u know how much it cost please tell me.I would love to go because i love to go places.

    • same with me…maybe if we do go but my chances r very slkim we mite meet eachother

      • It cost around 5,500 to 6,500

  21. i got invited for the 2010 group to go to austaralia…..it says the fees include food ect ect…..so does taht mean it costs…i really wanna go but i probly cant afford it and how did i become a student ambassador??

  22. my freak-ish mom wants me to go!!!


  23. This is a great way to travel and save your budget. And you can also find some new friends

  24. I hope they will choose the smart and independent students because the kids deserve it. This will be a new experience for them

    • well i think is what is for for student that are smart and have done hard work in school

    • I agree, the People to People programs don’t seem to choose the right kind of people for the trip. But as my mom says, you need a variety of people to make the trip interesting.

    • wat about the hard working b or c student

  25. I think they must save some slots for the poor kids, cause they are the one who need it the most. This will show them a whole new world out there

  26. I was invited to travel with people to people a few times for soccer, but i couldn’t go, because I had no idea how much money it cost to go. does anyone know?

  27. Hey,i was invited to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland for the 2010 summer trip.
    I was wondering around how much might it cost?

    • IT cost around 6,500

  28. i was invited to go to the 2010 France,Italy and Spain summer trip…does anyone know the cost?

    • I believe that the cost for your certain trip that you are going on is around $7000. Which includes insurance and everything else that comes along with it. I hope that you will go on the trip and have an experience of a lifetime. Good Luck!

      • 7.000 usd is correc t and it is crazy!
        The tour will cost to the company about 1,500 usd.
        OMG! We Americans are so stupid sometimes!

  29. I think that it is pretty rude that even if it were a government or non profit agency, they would at least give more details on the costs, I am a country boy, raised by a single mother with a father who don’t pay child support. They could throw a dog a bone!

  30. ive been on a trip with people2people and it was the MOST EXCITING trip of my life, and im going this year, the trips are anywhere from $4000 to $8000 but, dont be discouraged because there are many ways to fundraise and you can even get sponsored

  31. I have been on a People to People Trip, it was just this pass summer. I went to China. In order to help any one, here’s some advise: Sponsors and fundraisers are a great way to go. Spaghetti dinners are a great fundraiser for People to People trips. I suggest that you try to do as many fundraisers as possible, mainly because of all of the money involved with it, like insurance and travel money. I hope that some of my suggestions for future People to People Ambassadors help!

  32. Hello Students,
    People 2 people is only and exclusively a lucrative company.
    They save money on all the services.
    I was a teacher travelling for free and I admit that several times.
    The worst services ever… Somebody is getting very rich there.
    Get another company instead! >Do not waste your money!

  33. this is completely ridiculous.
    this program let a 16 year old boy just die in their care. they did nothing to help him until it was too late. how can you say, ‘oh its only been a few law suites’ when a child has been killed!?
    shows what kind of people you are and the values you have.

  34. I was invited on a People to People trip to Greece and Italy for the summer or 2010 and ended up going. This was by far one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life thus far. We traveled extensively in Greece, Italy and went into the Vatican. The trip lasted 19 days and I could have kept going for another 19. I cannot begin to say enough about how awesome the trip was and how much I would recommend People to People to students who really have a passion for traveling, seeing the world and interacting with/meeting new people. The bottom line is that if you are invited and are able to go, I would highly advise anyone who really loves traveling to go.

  35. hello im siam i just got a mail from people2people they invited me to the trip for the next summer of(2011)but i don’t know how to get in touch with them? and how much it cost?

    • The first thing you do is you normally will go to an informational meeting. they should have the day of that listed somewhere on your letter but if not, you cann go to their website and contact them through there. And he costs range greatly depending on where you are going. I went just a few months ago o th Galapagos Islands and Ecuador for about 8000 usd, but the european trips are usually about 4000-6500 usd. It all depends on where you go to.

  36. HI,
    i got a letter for p2p and i really want to go .. but i want to kno who much it cost and how long do u stay over seas????
    -sourpatch ❤

  37. I was just invited and would love to go, but I don’t know how much it costs and until I find out I can’t go, please help!

  38. ok, so i just got a letter to go on the 2010 trip to france, italy, and austria. but… they used my mom’s maiden name instead of my real last name… so I know I didn’t receive this letter because of my grades or school. I think It would be an amazing experience, but I’m not so sure about what I’m getting myself into. $4000? is that the price? because I’m not going to spend that much money on a company that doesnt deserve it. I’ve been on a disney tour in Wyoming, and that was great. Any advice?

    • The trips are all amazing. They can teach you a lot of things related to where you are. The price is around 4,000 dollars, but believe me its worth every penny. The program will take care of you and fundraising is easy to do if you can’t pay 4000 dollars from pocket money. As for the whole wrong name problem, contact the program, they can sort out any problem that could have occured.

  39. Hi !..Am from Puerto Rico and i receive an invitation for the trip to europe (france,spain & italy). I dont know how much it cost and i really, really want to go. I dont know if i can afford it, so i really need to know how much it cost!. Y would be tahnkfull if someone could told me how much it cost!

  40. So, I don’t know if I’m going to Japan or not. I’m so worried about how much the trip cost and child safety. Is there anyway I can go for free? or spending less money to go? This is only my one out of a lifetime opportunity.

    • A lot of People to People students fundraise the tuition every year. Some of them even say that their experience was enhanced because they did fundraising to pay either part or all of the tuition. There are lots of ideas and suggestions from People to People students that were able to raise thier tuition and travel at http://www.payyourwayblog.com.

  41. it is tptaly scarry to read all this coments but a eyes open you need to takew care you children they are a gift from god

  42. Hi, I’m from Puerto Rico and I am amazed to read all the comments. I was received two invitations from P2P to travel to Europe. My question is: Where did they get my information?
    I’m a college student, single mother and I am obviously not in high school.
    Also I want to know what were the circumstances of the accident of this child. My daughter is 13 years old and first instance the idea is very good, but definitely a mother can not ignore such disastrous news.
    Also, the information about P2P looks very cute to be true…

  43. I was invited to go the Europe trip but I would rather go the south pacific or the galpogus. Can you like choose to go to that instead? How do you get information on those trips instead if the only meeting im going to is about Europe?

  44. Hi, I think this is a great way for students to explore the world! People need to travel as much as they can because in that way we get to know more about our planet, more about nature, other cultures, heritage etc….

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