Visit Disneyland for Free in 2009

October 1, 2008

DisneylandThis is one of those offers that’s very cool for some people, and not such a big deal for others. The short version: Disneyland is offering free admission to everyone on their birthday in 2009.

If you live within driving distance to Disneyland and you like to visit there often then a free day at the park is pretty cool. If you’re an Annual Passholder then you get a different treat on your birthday.

If you live far away and it would cost you a fortune to get to Disneyland for your free day, or if your birthday falls at a time when you can’t possibly get to the park, then you’re sort of out of luck. This offer isn’t good the day before your birthday, or the day after, or on your best friend’s birthday so that you can both have a free day at the same time. Still, it’s a nice offer that lots of people will probably take advantage of.

You can sign up for your Disneyland birthday pass here: Free Admission On Your Birthday

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity but don’t know if you can swing the other expenses, talk to your friendly Travel CUTS agent. They can point you to hostels near the park and find you the most affordable student travel options possible.


  1. nice Thx for Knowledge good if we have time get come back visit mE “Travel Blog” http://namtarn.flixya.com ;-D

  2. Another excellent PR excercise from Mickey Mouse and Co though there will be lots of people grateful come their birthday I would imagine.

  3. can i go too?

  4. Hi I’m back. I will graduate in 2010 and I want free admission there. Can there be free admission for the summer of 2010 just for teens graduating from high school? If there is one for me that would be great.

  5. If you don’t live in CA or FL, you probably don’t care, but I was pretty happy to learn that we’re all free on our birthdays this year – not just for kids, like it was before. Yahoooooooooooo!

  6. ik wil naar disneyland en het is leuk om daar te gaan ik zal graag met mijn zus gaan en met mijn papa gaan en met mijn mama

  7. mikey mouse y minie
    son mis personajes
    de caricatura más favoritos

  8. GENIALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. je vais y aller demain je suis trup contente ceter pour mon annivaisaire pour mes 10ans

  10. Omgg, I Loveee Disneyy Land =]] !.

  11. Me and my family love disneyland and my kids love to go everyear on ther b-day in march my march babys!!! All 5kids

  12. it is very beatifull and very very exiting

  13. If we see the beauty of being in this world we must be grateful and will amazed the natural beauty that are in it. We as humans want to visit beautiful places on earth that makes us amazed what is in it. However, if you did not know about the beautiful places in the world which can be a world where your goal, maybe this can be information for you.

  14. me ana my sister ana ma brather ana father vist disnyland ilove it

  15. I didn’t go to DL… :9. But I DID go when I was 2…

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