Change Your Latitude: Head to “Australia”

November 18, 2008

bazBaz Luhrmann’s “Australia” just had its Sydney premier and is set to take over theaters for the holidays. When you see it, you’re likely to walk out thinking a few different things. For example:

1. Wow, Hugh Jackman is hot even without the metal claws.
2. Wow, Nicole Kidman really doesn’t ever get to play an Australian, even in Australia.
3. Wow, Australia looks amazing. I’m packing my bags and going to see the red dirt right now.

For that third one, I can help you out a little. Luckily, Australia has a massive backpacker industry. Once there, you’ll have no problem finding hostels, cheap eats, surfing lessons, camping tours, pubs and nightlife and thousands of other backpackers to hang out with.

Getting there is the tricky part, because it can be expensive, even with student deals. Start by using Travel CUTS’ Australia Trip Planner, and talk to one of their agents. They send heaps of students to Australia every year and can help you save money wherever they can. (Or enter their contest for a free trip – now until December 31, 2008)

Another way to get to Australia – possibly with more help from your parents – is on a student visa. How about a semester or year abroad? Live like a local, meet students from all over, then take some time to travel around and see the sights.

Talk to your academic counselor about your school’s options, or, if you’re looking for a graduate program, you can apply directly to an Australian university. Just ask me about my year at the University of New South Wales. (Loved it!)

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