International Sights in Your Backyard

November 20, 2008

boston_cityhallI was reading the Sydney Morning Herald online today, as I sometimes do, and on their homepage an image caught my eye.

It was this small, thumbnail picture of a building that looked a lot like Boston’s City Hall. So I clicked on it and went to an article about the ugliest buildings and monuments in the world. Number one on the list: Boston’s City Hall. Impressive, wouldn’t you say? Having the number one anything right here where we can enjoy it?

The list includes buildings from France, Spain, Russia and even Liechtenstein, but there’s no arguing that Boston has one of the ugliest.

The lesson here is that while you may be traveling to see beautiful sights, you might come across a few ugly ones that are just as spectacular, in their head-scratching, “what were they thinking?” kind of way, and you should enjoy those just as much.

What’s your vote for ugliest landmark?

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