Manage an Island, Get Paid to Lounge

January 13, 2009

lizard-islandIt’s impressive what some places are coming up with to increase tourism. A couple of months ago I read about a new ad campaign for New Zealand that promoted it’s high female-to-male ratio, apparently to encourage male visitors. Feminists didn’t love it, but it was very creative.

Now Queensland, Australia, is doing it’s part to lure people to the southern hemisphere with a new promotion that asks you to apply for the Best Job in the World. And I don’t think they’re too far off.

It appears to be equal parts contest and job application, which makes sense as the person they choose gets both a prize and a responsibility. If you win, you get to live on a gorgeous island in the Great Barrier Reef and do mostly what you want for six months. And you get paid a lot of money. But you also have to spend time compiling a weekly blog of videos and photos that will entice others to come and visit. Which just means you’ll get your 15 minutes of Internet fame, which is sort of like another prize.

To enter / apply,  start by making a video of 60 seconds or less that will convince the board that you’re the one they want. Fill out the application and upload your video before the February 22, 2009 deadline to be considered.

You have 40 more days to apply, so get creative. And save a guest room for me.


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  3. This would be amazing to get an opportunity like this. If has been my lifelong dream to come to Australia. I had a trip planned and paid for my junior year of high school 4 years ago but my dad kicked me out and canceled my trip even though it was my money. Please contact me back i would love to do this

  4. thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhh

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