Notes From a Weekend in Vegas

January 26, 2009

I’ve just finished a quick 48 hour trip to Vegas. Actually, I’m at the Vegas airport now, waiting for my delayed flight. How am I blogging from the airport? My adorable new mini laptop picked up the wifi here with no problem. I can email while I wait, which is really nice, although I do enjoy sitting quietly with a book or magazine too.

The other thing I love about this laptop is that the memory card from my new digital SLR (yes, I bought myself a couple of nice Christmas gifts) slides right in the side, so I can show you pictures too.

Jean-Philippe Patisserie - The Bellagio
Jean-Philippe Patisserie – The Bellagio

For example, here’s the most beautiful fountain in all of Las Vegas: 27 feet of chocolate at the Bellagio.

There are plenty of other fountains in town, but they’re all the regular water kind and aren’t nearly as exciting.
I’m off to my gate now, but hope everyone had a great weekend and I’ll have more details about my trip tomorrow.

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