Spring Break 2009: Pick a Beach and Get Packing

January 28, 2009

Hopefully you already know what your Spring Break budget is going to be this year and you’ve started to make plans with friends that will keep you within that budget.

There are dozens of options for Spring Break destinations both within and outside the US, depending on how long you have and how far you want to go. Interested in one of these hot spots?

beachCancun, Mexico
Negril, Jamaica
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Nassau, Bahamas
Acapulco, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Mazatlan, Mexcio
South Padre Island, Texas
Panama City Beach, Florida

Or how about a Bahamas Party Cruise? All of these options and more are available at really good, student prices. If skiing or snowboarding is more your idea of a good time, talk to a student travel specialist at Travel CUTS about fares to Canada, Colorado, or wherever you like to play in the powder.

If you’re coming from Canada, there are special student travel deals for you too. Check out these Canadian deals:

The Dominican Republic 
The Mayan Riviera
Daytona Beach, Florida

And remember, there’s no studying allowed on Spring Break (even if they call it “Reading Week” where you are), so be sure to get your homework done ahead of time!


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