Last-Minute Spring Break Deals Still Available

February 10, 2009

cancunIf you just recently looked up from your books and noticed that it’s February already and you still haven’t planned a Spring Break trip, no worries. There are still deals available for trips to Jamaica, Mexico, Florida and other popular destinations.

If you’ll be departing from the US, have a look at these Spring Break deals.

If you’ll be leaving from Canada, here are some student travel deals for you.

Time is running short, but a knowledgeable Travel CUTS student travel expert should be able to find something to fit your schedule and your budget. If you don’t see something you like online, give them a call and ask what else is available.

One comment

  1. Wanted to share a spring break idea with you and the travelcuts community, and a post about spring break seemed like a good place!

    tripwolf.com (client) put together its idea for an alternative spring break: the top ten must see locations in Africa.

    Check out the release here: http://www.prlog.org/10184966-tripwolfs-alternative-spring-break-2009.html

    or the must see list here: http://www.tripwolf.com/en/guide/list/2/Africa?list=nottomiss

    Happy traveling!

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