A Book for Every Occasion and Destination

February 24, 2009

I’m leaving for the airport in just about half an hour, then I’ll be on a plane to Auckland, New Zealand, shortly after that.

What are my packing essentials? Contact lens solution, vitamin B, comfy shoes, a good reading book and at least one good book about where I’m headed.

I like to have a travel book with good maps, details on walking tours and transportation, and a few suggestions for places to stay and eat. Luckily, living just outside San Francisco, I have a really wonderful place to shop for my travel literature.

Get Lost Travel Books has a wide selection of books, maps and travel accessories for every destination. Besides the usual Lonely Planet books, they stock Access Guides, Time Out, Culture Shock, Footprint Handbooks and the MTV Guides. So whether you’re traveling on a tight student budget or you have a lot of extra cash to blow, they can help you plan how to do it.

And while I usually consider all books sacred (I think dog-earing a book or bending the spine back is grounds for a citizen’s arrest), I’ll admit that I tear my travel books up like crazy.

My New Zealand book, for example, was a lot to lug around, but since I’m staying mostly on the North Island, I took a razor blade to it and cut it in half. It’s much more manageable with the Southern half left at home, and I’ll pull out the appropriate city maps and pages as I go.

See you on the other side of the Earth!


  1. It is a good idea to have book of that particular destination, you are heading for. But, in some cases, I realized that the information in the books was not up to date. So, I use such books to get just a first hand information.

  2. It is always a good idea to have everything you need when traveling. New Zealand has always been in my list for a perfect vacation.

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