New Zealand Travel Guide: Wairakei Terraces in Taupo

March 3, 2009

Day Five, Part Two

After jet boating I was a little wet and wanted to walk around in the sun and dry off a little. I asked my shuttle driver for his recommendation and he said I had to see Wairakei Terraces.

It’s NZ$12 to get in and is similar to the geothermal area you pass between Rotorua and Taupo, except that I had this place almost to myself, which is especially nice when you’re staging a poolside photoshoot for a rhino and don’t really want an audience.

Here are some reasons to go and see Wairakei for yourself:








From Wairakei I got the shuttle back into town for a quick stop in the Taupo Museum. It has an interesting video about the history of Taupo, but if you’ve been to the Auckland or Rotorua museums, then there’s not a lot here that will be exciting or different for you.

Heading back to the YHA I passed by McDonald’s and couldn’t help but notice the full-sized airplane it has as part of the children’s play area. Why? No idea.

I had the evening to myself because my Japanese friend found some other Japanese people to talk to, so I decided to try out Mulligan’s, the local backpacker bar.

They offer good deals for food and drinks, and according to the bartender, it goes off every saturday night. So take advantage of the action and work off all that extra energy you probably have after a day of adventure with some dancing and screaming, “So where are you from?” at the stranger next to you.

Next: Back on the road to Wellington.


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  2. That’s it! Next time you travel, I’m going with you… you seem to find all the awesome things to do in places you go.

  3. Great post….

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