Travel Adventures for Under $500

March 26, 2009

cappadociaWhen you’re bored of reading about my travel experiences, start planning your own. There are some great deals on airfare right now, and paired up with an affordable tour, trek or safari, you could have a hell of a vacation for around $1500. (Unless you only want to stay in luxury hotels and dine at fancy restaurants. Then you’re on your own.)

What interests you? Sunning on beaches in India? Visiting Machu Picchu by train? Rafting through Ecuador? Travel CUTS has put together ten of their favorite student travel adventures for under $500 each. Prices don’t include airfare, but if you’re a student (or teacher), they can help you find a great deal.

Call or visit your local Travel CUTS today to book your view of Mt. Everest, or check online for their weekly flight specials from the U.S. and Canada.

The Top 10 Under $500

1. Bali Adventure
2. Majestic Angkor
3. Machu Picchu By Train
4. Tap Into Thailand
5. Mendoza Wine Experience
6. Beaches & Backwater – India
7. Cappadocia Explorer
8. Chitwan Safari
9. Namche Bazaar Trek
10. Ecuador Rafting Jungle Adventure

One comment

  1. This is a great list and i am thrilled Cappadocia is on the list.

    Its a great place for backpackers and budget travellers. I have a small guide and a list of hostels at http://www.turkey-hostels.com/cappadocia-hostels.html

    Hope it will help travellers planning to visit Turkey

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