Build a Travel Wish List on Amazon

May 5, 2009

Amazon is so freaking cool.

They have a new feature called the Universal Wish List. You download a button/link to your browser, and then use it to add items to your Amazon wish list from anywhere on the web.

This is perfect for a student traveler! Going to Costa Rica for Spring Break? Studying abroad for a semester? Well now you can create your travel wish list and put everything from your rail pass to your ISIC to your guidebooks and new luggage on it. Too easy!

Follow Amazon’s quick instructions to add the Universal Wish List to your browser, then shop lots of different sites but send your family just one list to shop from. Here’s how it looks when I add a Eurostar pass to my list from TravelCUTS.com:


If grandma doesn’t want to write you a check (because you’ll just throw it all away on junk food and beer), but she does want to help you take your dream trip, creating a list will help her to see what you need and how well you’ve planned for your adventure.

Just don’t tell her how much junk food and beer you have while you’re away.

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