The Travel Version of “Would You Rather?”

May 18, 2009

My friend over at The Adventure Travel Company blog just posed this question to his readers:

“If you were given the choice between a 60” high definition plasma flat panel television with Dolby Surround Sound or a luxury two-week South African safari with private guide, which would you choose?”

Not a safari, but Taronga Zoo in Sydney has excellent giraffes with big tongues.

Not a safari, but Taronga Zoo in Sydney has excellent giraffes with big tongues.

Since most of us aren’t in the position to purchase either right now it might be easy to say that of course we would take the safari. (If you chose the TV, maybe you should be reading this blog instead.)

But one of the points he makes is that it’s not just a choice between one big purchase or one amazing vacation. Even if you manage to save small – a few dollars a week – it adds up fast, so that this time next year, a safari might be something you could afford.

Money adds up fast the other way too. Eating dinner out instead of cooking at home, buying CDs and DVDs, stopping for a morning latte a few times a week – all of these things pick away at money that you could be saving to fund the trip of a lifetime.

So, would you rather invite friends over to watch a move once a week and spend next Spring Break in Costa Rica, or go out to a movie and buy popcorn and soda that you won’t remember a week later?


  1. I would also add that settling down in a location can help save a ton of money. I find that when traveling around like crazy, one tends to eat out more often out of convenience. Only when going to a local grocery store do you realize exactly how much money you can save.

  2. I would definitely choose the safari and amen to the savign money by not heading to the theatre. I went this weekend with my brothers and spent far too much for a mediocre film.

    Eating in and watching a movie at home are not the only tips people ahve applied to saving money for a dream trip.

    I have heard of people rounding all of their purchases up and stickign the left over change in a trip jar, adding any coins they get.

    Cancel the extended channels on your tv and opting ot go for the 30 in the basic package instead of the 200 in the premium package (really we only watch a few of them anyways). And many other ideas.

    Thanks for the article, it was useful and made me think about which is better, a tv, or a vacation that I will remember forever.

    Lord Out!

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