Big Ben Turns 150; Still Looks Fabulous

June 1, 2009

Happy birthday, Ben!

That big clock in London, probably the most famous clock in the world, turns 150 this year. There are no big parties planned to celebrate it, but it’s not like you’d have a hard time finding a party in London, and you can say a toast to whatever you’d like.


If you do want a big party, festival season is coming up and England puts on some of the biggest music fests in the world. Grab a cheap student airfare to check out some of your favorite performers, meet some crazy people and take home plenty of dirt from the campsites.

Glastonbury is sold out, but other festivals and big tours still have tickets available. Try Lovebox 2009, the Reading Festival, Back to the 80s or one of the other dozens of events being held in the U.K. this summer.

Just FYI: Big Ben isn’t the name of the clock, it’s the big bell inside the clock. If you want to carry a bit of London around in your pocket, you can download a Big Ben ringtone for your phone.

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