Student Travel on Your Parents’ Dime

June 5, 2009

What’s the best way to get mom and dad to pay for your next trip? Take them with you.

Don’t freak out. I’m not suggesting you all get matching outfits and spend a week in a car together taking in roadside attractions, although there are some great ones out there.

I’m thinking bigger. Going on the assumption that your parents were once young, curious people with their own dreams and ambitions, they probably have places that they would love to see. If you suggest planning a family trip together, they might be so excited that you want to spend time with them that they’ll be willing to take you to one of their dream destinations.

How do these sound?

  • Vietnam Family Adventure
  • Taj, Tigers & Palaces
  • Galapagos & Peru Family Adventure
  • China Family Adventure
  • Italy Family Adventure
  • Pharaohs and Feluccas
  • Peru Family Adventure
  • Thailand Elephant Experience
  • Costa Rica Family Adventure
  • Kenya Wildlife & Water

Family Adventures take you to some of the more exotic travel hot spots, but in a way that’s fun for all ages. You get to see something new and exciting, Mom and Dad get to fulfill a dream while spending time with you, everyone is happy (and you aren’t broke at the end of it).

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now’s a great time to round up your folks and make a plan.

One comment

  1. Vietnam Family Adventure might be fun …

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