Europe’s Best Beachside Hostels for Student Travelers

June 11, 2009

London’s Times Online was kind enough to put together this list of Europe’s fabulous seaside hostels.

Once you’ve had enough of the museums and churches and other historical sights, try one of these relaxing and affordable getaways. (See the Times for the full list.)

The Pink Palace, Corfu, Greece

The Pink Palace, Corfu, Greece

This hostel features a massage service, free WiFi, PlayStation, free parking, and a swimming pool all for 20 Euros a night in a dorm room.

How about some time on the French Riviera? Two people can split a room here for 55-110 Euros a night. You’ll have Armani on one side of the hostel and Louis Vuitton on the other, which is about as close to either of those brands as I’ll ever get.

PINK PALACE, Corfu, Greece
This hostel seems to make it on every list: Most Popular Hostels, Best Party Hostels, Most Famous/Infamous Hostels, you name it. There’s really no point in traveling to Greece if you aren’t going to spend a day or two here, if only to be able to tell people you did. The 24-hour bar alone is reason to give it a try, but they also offer boat excursions, kayaking, a jacuzzi, pool table, ping pong and more.


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  2. I agree, love the site, and this article. Being a student, I find this information very valuable and helpful… makes me want to travel right now!

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