The Statue of Liberty: Open for Business

June 16, 2009

statue_of_libertyThe Statue of Liberty’s crown was closed after September 11th. Since then, visitors to Liberty Island could walk around her feet, but not go all the way up and peek through her head.

The Statue is reopening on the 4th of July though, and tickets for the first few days have already sold out.

If you’re planning a trip to New York, you can avoid long lines and get tickets up to a year ahead of time by ordering online or calling 877-523-9849. Tickets for adults are $15 (that includes the boat ride).

Be ready for some exercise when you get there, because the only way to the top is 168 steps in a tiny stairwell.

And did the French think to put air conditioning into our Lady? Non! However hot it is outside, expect it to be 15-20 degrees warmer inside, before you start sweating. (Bring your eco-friendly water bottle to stay hydrated.)

As long as you’re touring the statue, consider a stop at Ellis Island. Will Smith liked it enough to visit there in “Hitch”, and the stories of the 20 million people who arrived in America through this island should keep your interest too. 

Learn more at www.ellisisland.org.


  1. The ‘Today Show’ crew was up in Lady Liberty’s crown a couple of weeks ago. It looked pretty awesome, and I will probably take the kids there next time we are in NY and also finally go myself.

    • What?! You grew up in New York and never climbed to the top of the Statue of Liberty? Incredible.

      Then again, I grew up outside of San Francisco and I’ve never walked over the Golden Gate Bridge. Not even sure if you still can.

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