Cipi Hostel, El Salvador

June 23, 2009
Cipi Hostel

Cipi Hostel

I was doing volunteer work in Nantucket one summer and I met a couple in their 30s who owned a hostel in New Hampshire. They were open for a few months in winter for ski season and a few months in summer for hikers and families, and they spent the rest of the year doing their own traveling.

Right away I thought that was the life for me. How awesome would it be to spend all of your time either traveling to other places, or to have travelers from around the world coming to you? I still think opening a hostel is something I would like to do some day, and I’m inspired by the people who actually do it.

One of those people is Elena Rivera. Elena was a travel agent in Boston a few years ago, and now she’s a hostel owner in El Salvador.

Cipi Hostel is located in Ataco (Concepcion de Ataco), Ahuachapan, a beautiful mountain town. The hostel offers:

– Spacious Social Areas
– Low Cost Internet
– Communal Satellite TV
– New sheets, bedspreads and towels
– Huge Garden
– Tours
– Games

Best of all, dorm room beds start at $7.00 during the week. Just $7! This is why I need to do a Central & South America tour.

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