Africa Travel Sale: 20% Off Tours

June 30, 2009

Starting tomorrow, you can save 20% off of selected trips to Africa if you book with the Adventure Travel Company.


Bookings must be made and paid in full by July 31, 2009 and travel must occur before March 31, 2010. Be sure to mention promo code ACA20_0709 when you book.

Trips that will be on sale include the 14-day Gorilla Encounter through Kenya and Uganda, the 11-day Highlights of Tanzania, and for those with a lot of travel time available, the 58-day Ultimate African Overlander from Nairobi to Cape Town.

The website has a longer list of trips, and agents can provide you with even more trips that aren’t listed on the site.

The closest I’ve come to Africa is the elephant habitat at the Oakland Zoo, so all of these trips look good to me. Take advantage of these great deals, and let me know where you’re going!


  1. I highly suggest anyone who is interested to take these trips. I spent a month traveling up through southern africa on an overland truck, and it was AMAZING. There is no better way to get to see the real Africa… although sometimes it gets repetitive, the landscape and culture is always changing.

  2. I recently recieved an acceptance letter to extend me a invitation to travel to a foreign country with the People to People PROFESSIONALS program. Please contact me if I am still elgible at my Post Office in Clearwater, Florida. My telephone number has recently changed and I hope to meet the deadline July 22, 2009. Have a great day, and I look forward to helping provide a quality service for myself and helping to serve my country in this way.

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