Comic Con 2009 – Astro Boy and More!

July 23, 2009
Freddie Highmore: Adorable

Freddie Highmore: Adorable

I’m learning that Comic Con is a really frustrating experience for someone with an obsessive, controlling, slightly ADD personality. Not that I do, but if I did, I would be a little frustrated.

Ok, I do.

There’s way too much going on here! Just walking through the exhibit hall I saw Julie Benz (Buffy, Angel), David Faustino (Married, With Children), Corin Nemic (Parker Lewis Can’t Lose) and dozens of artists and animators who I’ve never heard of but am still impressed with.

Before that, in the autograph area, I saw Jane Weidlen (the Go Gos), Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible), and the guy who was the first voice of Charlie Brown.

Felicia (Brand New) Day

Felicia (Brand New) Day

Then there’s all the free stuff, but just as I decide to wait in line for one thing, I see something even cooler somewhere else. Lots of things are given out for just a few minutes, until they run out, and then you’re out of luck. As a result, I did an obsessive-compulsive thing and just paid a lady $20 for the massive Doctor Who bag that she’d gotten for free a few minutes earlier. I just had to have David Tennant.

I caught a panel first thing this morning, for Astro Boy. I was actually headed to a panel about The Hobbit, but that panel was only going to have people from theonering.net, and Astro Boy had Freddie Highmore and Kristen Bell, so it won out.

Oh crap! I’ve been sitting in this panel for Quantum Quest for 15 minutes now (I wandered in to blog and stake out a place for the next panel) and just noticed that Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager) is here. He hadn’t said anything yet. I love that guy.

Anyway, Freddie Highmore seems like a very normal, humble teen. Probably nicer than most, really. Kristen Bell is gorgeous, charming, and incredibly funny. Someone asked about a Veronica Mars movie and she said hells yes she would do it, but Warner Bros. doesn’t think there’s interest. If you’re interested, let them know.

Best thing in the panel I’m watching now: When the director listed the cast of Quantum Quest, everyone got big applause (William Shatner, Chris Pine, Samuel Jackson, Neil Armstrong, Abigail Breslen) until he got to Hayden Christensen. *Silence* Then chuckles. Poor guy.

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