Comic Con 2009: Chuck

July 26, 2009

zachI mostly wanted to see the Chuck panel because of Adam Baldwin. Since I got to meet him yesterday, I wasn’t as desparate to get in, which was good because the line to get was ridiculously long. I thought my chances were slim to none, but luckily Ballroom 20 holds more than 4,000 people and I scored a seat in the back.

Wow, am I glad I did. One word: Jeffster.

Watch this on YouTube.

It was the best opening of any panel I’ve seen and the crowd ate it up. The rest of the cast was excellent, Zachary Levi is adorable, even with a beard, and personally, I think Adam Baldwin stole the show.

chuckMy favorite bit (from what I remember):

Audience member: Are there going to be any Chuck action figures?

Zachary Levi: That would be cool.

Adam Baldwin: Ha. I need another one. *Laughs*

*Loud cheers*

Zachary Levi: Oh, I’m Adam Baldwin, I was on Firefly, everyone loves me.

*More cheers*

Zachary: I hope I get an action figure just so I can throw it in this guy’s face. Grrr, take that Jayne! Not so shiny now! (Pretends to have his action figure kick Adam’s action figure’s ass.)

*Crowd goes crazy and Adam Baldwin has a good laugh.*

I love Adam Baldwin.

Update: Found this clip on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfcOGPf1Umk

Watch more Chuck:

One comment

  1. Sounds like an amazing experience! I’m hoping to join the fun next. Did you find it terribly uneasy to get into the panels? How long were the lines? That’s my biggest worry.

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