Comic Con 2009: Nathan Fillion and the Firefly Browncoats

July 31, 2009
Nathan Fillion says "hey".

Nathan Fillion says "hey".

One last Comic-Con post and then I’ll move on with my life (until next year’s Comic-Con).

On Sunday afternoon I was already giddy from my David Tennant / Doctor Who excitement. I grabbed a quick lunch with my cousin then we headed to the California Browncoats meeting. The Browncoats, if you don’t know, are a fan group for the show “Firefly” and the movie “Serenity” that followed it. Actually, the Browncoats are probably the reason the movie ever got made because they made sure the studio knew that “Firefly” fans wanted more closure to the TV show, so these are good people to know.

We got to the room about 15 minutes after the meeting started, which of course meant the room was full. We decided to hang outside and see if we could get in as people left. There were about a dozen other people doing the same.

I'm the drowsy-looking one on the right, having woken up at 5 a.m. to see David Tennant.

I'm the drowsy-looking one on the right, having woken up at 5 a.m. to see David Tennant.

Maybe 15 mintues after we got there, I heard a man’s voice, turned, and Nathan Fillion was standing maybe four feet away from me. He asked why were were outside and someone told him the room was full. He chatted a bit then headed in to the meeting.

At this point, I figured it was worth waiting a while longer to see Caleb/Malcolm Reynolds/Captain Hammer/Castle come back out of the room again. This man has been in a lot of my favorite shows, and while I wasn’t a fangirl about him the same way I was about David Tennant or Adam Baldwin, I was still really impressed to see him up close.

More impressive is that he didn’t even have to be there. The studio wasn’t forcing him to show up and promote a new blockbuster, he was just talking to a handful of fans of a show that was canceled years ago. What a swell guy.

About 20 minutes later Nathan Fillion did come back out of the room, and he didn’t just smile and wave and pass us by. Oh no. He told people to put someone in charge of cameras and then he came over, put his arm around me and told everyone else to gather around, which they quickly did.

I shoved my camera at my cousin, threw my arm around Captain Tightpants, and smiled one of the huge smiles I’d had on my face a lot that weekend. A minute later he told us all to switch places and I took some shots for my cousin, which was only fair.

Nathan Fillion signs autographs for charity, because he's swell.

Nathan Fillion signs autographs for charity, because he's swell.

After that, Nathan left and we got into the meeting, which a lot of people left when he did. We got a ticket to go to the front of Nathan’s autograph line downstairs, which I was only too happy to do. Making this swell guy even sweller, he wasn’t charging for his autograph, just asking for donations to the Waterkeeper Alliance, a charity the Browncoats are supporting.

The only thing left on my agenda after this was the Buffy Sing-along (“Once More With Feeling!”), which was an appropriately Whedonesque way to end Comic-Con.

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  1. awesome.. he was great in dr horrible.

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