Start With a Shoe, End With an Adventure

August 10, 2009

I wrote about TOMS last year, but lately I’ve seen a bunch of AT&T commercials featuring their good work, so I figure they’re worth writing about again.

Let’s say you want to help people, and you want to travel, and you want to buy cute shoes. All are valid ambitions to have in life. And now, you may be able to do all three.

TOMS is a Santa Monica-based company that kicked into gear when its founder, Blake Mycoskie, visited Argentina and saw that many of the children there had no shoes. He decided to sell shoes in the US and then donate a pair of shoes for each pair he sold. His designs, and his big-hearted idea, took off and they plan to give out up to 300,000 pairs of shoes by the end of 2009

Well now TOMS offers a paid intership program at their Santa Monica headquarters that includes housing, Real World-style. (10 strangers, picked to live in a house…)

Even if a shoe internship doesn’t sound perfect to you, maybe it will get you thinking about something that does. Do you want to tour Vietnam handing out school supplies? Maybe pass out soccer balls in Chile? There are lots of needs out there, and many ways you can find to fill them.

One comment

  1. Nice Job. For what Its worth you have at least one fan in Kansas City

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