Spend Your Summer Working Abroad – SWAP!

January 13, 2010

Australia and New Zealand are just two of the fabulous destinations you can choose from with SWAP.

What are your summer plans right now? Working in a restaurant or at the mall? Tutoring? Hanging out at the beach?

What if you could do that stuff, but in a different country? Work part time, hang out with new friends, but spend your free time exploring castles or swimming with dolphins or practicing your German or French?

Sign up with SWAP Canada to travel and work abroad and enjoy kind people, an exotic environment, and outdoor activities that you might not be able to find close to home. You can also choose to participate in a volunteer project and get the added benefit of helping others while having the greatest summer of your lifetime.

SWAP Working Holidays is a non-profit program that offers young Canadians a truly unique opportunity to explore the world through work and travel. One of their travel counsellors will help you pick a destination, walk you through the paperwork and work with you to plan your travel.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll also have access to SWAP Exchange, a community of other travelers, so you can get to know other participants before you ever leave home.

Travel like this takes planning, so visit www.swap.ca, or go to any Travel CUTS office for more information.

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  1. must be very nice if we were there.

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