There’s Still Time to Book for Reading Week 2010

February 10, 2010

Are you still thinking about if or where you should go for Reading Week? It’s ok if you haven’t planned anything yet because there are still some great last-minute deals available.

Assuming you’d like to get out of the snow and into some sand, consider a trip to Mexico, the Dominican Republic or Cuba. You can get return air and accommodation starting at just $707!

Depending on your destination, some trips may also include breakfast and lunch, drinks, nightly entertainment and daytime activities like scuba. Reading during Reading Week is optional, but encouraged.

Because time is running short, you might tempted to grab a deal that seem too good to be true. Booking with a company you’ve never heard of could be a good way to spend some money and get nothing in return. Don’t get stranded in an airport or left at a motel that doesn’t look anything like what you were promised.

Book your trip with a trusted name in student travel, (like, say, Travel CUTS) and know that you have the support and customer service of a trained student travel agency behind you.

Take a look at some top Reading Week destinations, then call or visit a CUTS office near you.

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