How About an Ice Climbing Holiday?

February 24, 2010

Watching the Olympics makes me want to ski fast, jump high, catch some air and twirl until I don’t know up from down. It makes me want to figure out where I put my athletic genes and see if I can dust them off and do something wildly dangerous, or at least something that doesn’t involve a keyboard.

Rampart Creek Hostel

Combine the desire to do something physical with the need to do something affordable, and you wind up with a list of nicely-priced hostels in areas that allow you to try something new.

First, how about some ice climbing? The Rampart Creek Wilderness Hostel in Banff has over 150 ice climbs within 30 minutes drive. According to their website, “This concentration of ice is unparalleled in Canada and quite possibly the world. Climbs range from a few for the timid or beginner up to those for extreme (or insane) climbers, with new mixed routes popping up each year.”

Banff Alpine Center Hostel

If you want more than one activity to choose from, try the Banff Alpine Center. Rated one of Hostelling International’s top ten hostels, the Center offers skiing, whitewater rafting, hiking and mountain biking, not to mention two kitchens, two fireplaces, Internet access, a restaurant and pub. So if 30 minutes of hiking is all you need for the day, you’ll have plenty of indoor activities and company to keep you amused.

To book your hostel, transportation and anything else, talk to a Travel CUTS student travel expert. I’ll have some more ideas for you tomorrow.

Break a leg!

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