Strange Festivals For the Cheap Traveller

March 17, 2010

Travelling on a budget means that sometimes you might have to pass up something you want to do because of the obscene price tag. In New Zealand I would have loved to go for a ride in a stunt plane, but at $350 for 20 minutes, I had to pass.

To compensate, check out some of the fun and unusual events that take place around the world. Some festivals are free while others charge a small entrance fee.

For example, while doing some Googling about travelling Scotland, I came across a link for the World Porridge Making Championship in Carrbridge. Really. It’s the championship for porridge makers around the world. I was directed to goldenspurtle.com, where I learned that along with the porridge contest, there is also a chainsaw carving competition in Carrbridge every year.

Why would you want to go to either of these things? Why wouldn’t you want to go? Imagine coming back from your trip. Friends ask you, “What did you do?” You say, “Went to some museums, saw a lot of pubs, looked for Nessie, watched a guy carve a cougar out of a massive log with a chainsaw in less than four hours. You know, the usual.”

Your friends would be in awe.

Find more unusual festivals you can include in your travel plans, and send me some photos of the weirdest ones.


  1. Check out the Punkin Chunkin in Delaware. Teams toss pumpkins with various homemade “chunkin” devices such as catapults, air propulsion devices, etc. There is a small admission fee; $9 in 2009. Longest chunkin in 2009 was 3000 feet! And this was into the wind…


    • That sounds awesome. It’s amazing how many bizarre annual events there are around the world. I mean, who’s the first person to think, “You know what this town needs? Pumpkin throwing.”

      Thanks for the link!

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