Have You Always Wanted to Try That?

April 27, 2010

Your mom would look awesome in an orange life jacket.

Travel doesn’t have to come in big, month-long expeditions to the far reaches of the globe. Sometimes the thrill of travel can come in the shape of an afternoon doing something you’ve never done before, spending time with friends and learning something new about yourself.

And sometimes, adventure means taking your mom white water rafting.

It’s almost summer, and it’s almost Mother’s Day (May 9th!), and this year I think you should really surprise mom with something different. Maybe you can’t afford to take her to Italy for a week, but you can probably swing one of the day trips offered by Try That, a Canadian company that specializes in putting together unique experiences.

Has mom always wanted to drive a race car? Hang glide? Ride a horse or watch a whale? There are experiences for the very adventurous women in your life as well as the moms that would prefer to sip wine and watch butterflies.

Gift certificates are also available, so if you see something you like maybe you could hint that a Try That Freedom Voucher would make a great graduation gift.

Check out Try That now and start planning your special Mom & Me day.

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