Spend Summer Travelling Around the World!

April 30, 2010

Sydney Opera House

There are a few ways to get around the world in one trip, making several stops in far-off exotic locations. You could do something like Semester at Sea, cruising along at a good pace and checking out the sites at all the ports of call. You could get a sugar daddy/mamma to fund your dream trip. You could join the military… although that may not lead to much of a vacation right now.

Or, you can try to find a good deal on a RTW (round the world) ticket that will allow you to shape your itinerary and get where you want to go without paying for lots of expensive one-way flights. If the sugar daddy thing doesn’t work out, I highly recommend this option.

It’s pretty easy with smaller trips to hop online and search for a good fare, but RTW travel is a little different. Your costs will depend on which airline you choose, who their partners are, how many stops you want to make, where, and what time of year you plan on going. You also need to take other forms of transportation into account.

Maybe you want to fly to London then get a Eurail pass to visit several countries before flying out of Rome. Maybe you want to land in Sydney then do an Oz Experience trip up to Cairns, or a working holiday in Melbourne, before flying on to Auckland.

Really, what you need is a travel agent. An agent with RTW experience can help you put all the little bits together, help you decide what kind of discounts you can use to save some money (ISIC, IYIC, or hostel membership), and make sure that you give yourself enough time for each leg of the journey so that one missed flight doesn’t spell disaster for the rest of your trip.

Have a look at the round-the-world services offered by Travel CUTS and then give them a call to see what kind of incredible student adventure package they can put together for you. A travel plan this big needs the advice of an expert, and if you can find a student travel expert to help you , even better.

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