Student Travel Deals to Latin America

May 19, 2010

Summer vacation is here, even if it doesn’t quite feel like it in your neck of the woods, and it’s time to get planning. You might not have money for a big trip now, but if you’re getting a summer job then you’ll have funds to spend on a late summer trip before school is back in.

So how about a couple of weeks in Costa Rica or Peru? Hike the Incan Trail, see Machu Picchu or do a couple of nights in the Amazon. There are great deals for student travellers who want to backpack around the beaches and jungles of Latin America.

Pick your trip now so that you have a goal on what you need to earn. It will make early-morning waitressing or late-nights closing up at the mall a lot easier to get through if you know what your reward will be when you’re done.

If you have questions about where to go and how to make your dollars stretch from here to Lima, talk to a student travel expert.

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